September 9, 2008

Free pc to phone calls

hey guys i have found this website while browsing internet.Using this website we can make calls to mobile phones for free.This is working for making calls almost all the countries and even in india.I tested myself so u dont have to doubt about its working.Best thing is that we dont have to register for making calls and the maximum number of calls for a free user is restricted to 3 calls per day.But you dont have to worry about that because you can use a proxy and make any number of calls.And the only negative thing is that the call duration depends upon the country,for ex:if we want to call a person in united states then the free call duration is upto 4 minutes and if you want to call any person in india,then the free call duration is about 1 minute depending upon the place……..

for available destinations list

Hey guys try the website given below also.Using this we can make calls to any mobile and talk up to 10 mins  and the best thing is that there is no need of registering in that website.its absolutely free….

People in  countries other than INDIA can use the websites given below.I haven’t tried them as they doesn’t support the country(INDIA) where i live……    -10 minutes of free call

There are websites like the & few others which say that they allow free calls worldwide,But none of them worked out for me.Most of them want the users to get registered to make free calls.

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